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Located in the Pantech Business Hub in the western part of Singapore, our main offices as well as warehouses, engineering and system integration centre are a stone's throw away from major yards and ports, and have been integrated to facilitate the efficient coordination of our entire operations. With a total area size of more than 2300 square meters, all operations are coordinated to include a state-of-the-art engineering centre housing our Project Management Team as well as Project Design & System Engineering Team. Our CAD/CAM Drawing Centre is also the think-tank to more than 30 highly trained and experienced engineers, project support and design teams and drafts persons.

Our integration centre is a dedicated area dedicated to our integration process involving assembly as well as system testing activities. This facility is fully-equipped for system testing, where we run Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) and Inspection Acceptance Tests (IATs) by customer prior shipping to the site.

All the incoming equipment and material from our suppliers are subjected to 100% inbound check to ensure completeness and accuracy before being updated into our enterprise resource planning (SAP ERP) system. Leveraging on SAP industry best practices, we integrate and coordinate all inter-related business processes to imrpove on operational efficiency.