Senior Management

Senior Management/Joseph Foo Chew Tuck
Joseph Foo Chew Tuck
Founder and Executive Chairman

For more than three decades, Jason Marine’s growth and aspirations have been shaped by our founder Mr Foo Chew Tuck, whose vision for the Group has enabled it to become a leader in integrated solutions provider on marine electronics systems. As our Executive Chairman, he has demanded the highest standards of quality and service throughout the Group, helping it build strong ties with customers and partners alike that have stood the test of time, even in the most challenging of environment.

He has fostered equally strong bonds within Jason Marine, where his emphasis on character, competence and commitment has nurtured a robust work ethic and a powerful sense of family within the workplace. All our people at Jason Marine are part of a greater family, working hand-in-hand to create a brighter future for the Company, which in turn makes their welfare a top priority by championing their individual growth and working to enrich their lives with knowledge, skills and experience. Our Chairman is also a firm believer in giving back to society, devoting his personal time to community services.

Almost a 40-year veteran in the marine electronics business, Mr Foo is a full member of the Singapore Institute of Directors. He earned his bachelor of science in 1988 at Oklahoma City University, where he also received a master of business administration in 1992. In addition, he has a diploma in marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK in 1987.

Senior Management/Ronald Tan Lian Huat
Ronald Tan Lian Huat
Chief Executive Officer

Mr Tan Lian Huat, is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and was appointed to the board on 9 September 2007. He has been a director of Jason Electronics (Pte) Ltd since 1982. He is responsible for the daily management and operations of the Group, and also oversees its strategies and growth. He has been instrumental in initiating and executing the penetration of new markets for our business. Before joining the Group in 1981, he was production manager at a crystal manufacturing plant that also serviced the marine communication equipment industry.

Mr Tan obtained a diploma in marketing and sales management from the National Productivity Board in 1984, a diploma in marketing from the Marketing Institute of Singapore in 1987 and a master of business administration in strategic marketing from the University of Hull in the UK in 1993. He is a member of the Singapore Quality Institute, a fellow member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK, a management committee member of the Singapore Productivity Association and a full member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.