Community Activities

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Below is a list of activities done by Jason Marine:

  • Donation to Palm Island Bursary Club to provide sport facilities for NTU
  • Donation to Beyond Social Services to support the disadvantaged children
  • Visit to St. John’s Home
  • Health Talk “The Importance of Regular Eye Check-Ups”
  • Mother’s Day celebration
  • Fund raising for Indonesian colleagues Chen Su Lan Children Home
  • MILK Fund (Mainly I Love Kids) donation
  • Visit to Chen Su Lan's Children Home
  • MoneySmart programme to create awareness of the importance of personal financial management
  • Mother’s Day celebration
  • BigWalk sponsorship for staff and their family
  • Health Talk on Osteoprorosis
  • Ice Cream for Charity Sale
  • Blood Donation
  • The Humanitarian Assistance to The Victims of Tidal Wave