Work - Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is another CSR initiative by Jason Marine managed by its two in-house committees, Recreation Club and Workplace Health Club. The objectives of these committees are to promote work-life balance and healthy lifestyle to our staff. To this end, we have arranged activities such as company dinner & dance, department bonding sessions, health talks, badminton competition, family carnival & zumba lessons. These activities encourage our staff to learn something new, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and bonding with their colleagues at the same time. These initiatives have garnered the Singapore Health Award (Gold) in 2013.


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Recently, the management team has initiated a new programme that will see the Company come together to deliver advances and best practices on three main fronts.


  1. Caring for Society

    Jason Marine has a deep compassion for the less privileged people. The Company looks for partners to support its desire to contribute back to the society.

  2. Caring for the Environment

    Jason Marine sees energy conservation as a win-win proposition: Responsible use of limited resources helps reduce the impact on the environment and makes good business sense as well.

    Determined to find solutions that will sustain both its business and the environment, the Group has started to employ more energy-efficient equipment that will reduce the environmental footprint of its operations, such as an energy-efficient IT infrastructure and air conditioning system.

  3. Caring for its People

    Jason Marine is convinced that by championing personal growth for every employee, it will pave the way for more people to contribute and give back to society.


This conviction has inspired Jason Marine to pursue the best human resource practices and ensure their successful execution. By Building a value-driven organization and by empowering its people to seek a better future for themselves and for society at large, the Group is on the way to securing to long-term sustainable growth for Jason Marine.