Tank Monitoring System

The FPM100 also has a tank level mode, so that fluid levels in a tank can be monitored via a pressure transducer mounted at the bottom of the tank and transmitted over the NMEA 2000® network. This allows you to monitor the fluid levels in tanks that are extremely deep, have internal structures, or are otherwise not suited for other tank level sensing technologies. In this mode, the FPM100 can be calibrated for irregular tank shapes so that you know the true level of the tanks.

The FPM100 is NMEA 2000® certified so you can view any and all information anywhere on the vessel using a compatible NMEA 2000® display. The FPM100 is a key component of Maretron's N2KView® vessel monitoring and control system.


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  1. Adapts up to six pressure transducers to the NMEA 2000® network
  2. Each channel independently programmed to match pressure transducer characteristics
  3. Each channel independently programmed in pressure/vacuum mode or tank level mode
  4. In Tank Level Mode, measures levels of extremely deep or irregularly shaped tanks




  1. Water Pressure
  2. Atmospheric Pressure
  3. Compressed Air Pressure
  4. Hydraulic Pressure
  5. Steam Pressure
  6. User Defined Pressure Sources
  7. Fuel Tank Level / Volume Remaining
  8. Fresh Water Tank Level / Volume Remaining
  9. Waste Water Tank Level / Volume Remaining