Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)


VDRs enable accident investigators to review procedures and instructions in the moments before an incident and help to identify the cause of any accident.

Passenger ships and ships other than passenger ships of 3000 gross tonnage and upwards constructed on or after 1 July 2002 must carry Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) to assist in accident investigations and a simplified VDR (S-VDR) must be fitted on existing cargo ships of 3000 gross tonnage and upwards constructed before 1 July 2002.*


NW6000 VDR (Voyage Data Recorder)



NetWave’s NW-6000 VDR system architecture is unique in the fact that the various components throughout the ship are interconnected by means of one single Ethernet cable, Both Power and Data are provided over this very same single cable, eliminating the need for extensive and complex, and therefore costly, cabling requirements. Compared to other VDR systems, cabling costs are typically reduced by 50%!





NW4000 VDR (Voyage Data Recorder)


NWVDR4000  NW4000-VDR-with-mic-resized





NetWave’s system architecture is unique in the fact that the used devices are connected by means of one single cable, referred to as WaveNet cabling technology. Power and Data are transmitted over this single cable on two twisted pairs, eliminating the need for extensive and complex, and therefore costly, cabling models. The Netwave VDR is designed to

allow fast track installation, ease of service due to it’s Flexible Modular Design. 





Netwave VDR-100 G3 (Voyage Data Recorder)



Like its predecessor, the VDR-100G3/G3S offers a modular “fit-anywhere” design that is scaleable to cost effectively meet the full range of VDR and “Simplified
VDR” requirements from basic IMO compliance to the most demanding of options. Through dealers and service agents in over 100 locations, Netwave offers truly global product support and installation capability and one of the largest reference lists in the industry today.


  • Compact, easily installed wall-mount unit Solid state memory devices for essential VDR functions
  • New USB function for simplified data retrieval
  • Extended internal storage capacity
  • Modular “fit-anywhere” design reduces retrofit cost and out-of-service time
  • Data output socket and playback software include





 DANELEC DM100 VDR (Voyage Data Recorder)


The DM100 VDR is the standard type approved VDR system intended for all passenger ships and new cargo ships of 3000 gross tonnage and above, constructed after July 1st 2002.

The DM100 VDR is Wheelmark approved by DNV GL and meets the latest performance standards and technical requirements, as defined in MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed.2, taking effect as of 1 July 2014. 


DANELEC DM200 S-VDR (Simplified Voyage Data Recorder)


The DM200 is the standard type approved S-VDR intended for the retrofit marked.The DM200 S-VDR consists of a Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) including a super rugged industrial maritime computer platform approved in accordance with IEC 60945 and a protective data capsule.


DANELEC DM200 L-VDR (Light Voyage Data Recorder)


Intended for all marine companies not required to implement a VDR or S-VDR but in need of responsible documentation of the vessel’s voyage related data. Not only in fatal situations, but also in near-miss incidents at sea or during docking/departure maneuvers.

The DM200 L-VDR is only different from a standard S-VDR by not being connected to a capsule. Apart from this, it operates exactly as an S-VDR and can record the same amount of information.