Customer Testimonials

"Thanks a lot for the service report and for all the help! You helped us not only with the displays, but you were also very helpful when Oeyvind got sick, we really appreciate it. Oeyvind told me that you did a great job with the displays and that you have very good technicians"

Leif Grindheim from Hatteland Display.


"I want to thank you for a very structured trouble shooting, excellent report and well done job. This is very helpful in sorting out similar problems on other vessels in other places, and also for our R&D and production people."

Erling from Cobham SATCOM.


"I was really impressed by his knowledge & workmanship. It doesn't happen often that we get a service engineer of his level on board"

Bjorn Bourgois from Elec IBN Battuta.


"Your engineers were very attentive and careful, good techs to have on your team"

Ethan Lee from Yacht CV9.